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Why hire an Interior Designer?

There are many preconceptions around interior design world. It is often thought it is a luxury service, not affordable for many and basically reserved for mansions.

How wrong!! Preconceptions indeed.

Nowadays, we all want and deserve to live beautifully and our homes should serve us, our families and our lifestyles. To achieve that, we sometimes have to have a vision and put some ground work, before we settle in and unveil our house full potential to be our dream family home.

So, let’s talk money.

Do you actually know or ever enquired about the costs? Or is it just an assumption you have always believed that it is expensive?

On average we spend somewhere between £50k to £150k on renovation, extension or loft conversion. We do all that to have more space and live more comfortably. This is very often a very hard saved cash so why would you spend it so freely. Yes, freely.

It is proven that hiring professionals to do their job saves money. If you are trusting your builder to build, you should put trust into your interior designer to make the space justice. With the array of discounts, thought through layout and good furniture choices, you quite often save more money than what you spend on interior designer fees. Additionally, you create your truly bespoke and unique space, cohesive look and wow factor. And it still feels like your family home, rather than a show room.

It is estimated the interior fees are roughly around 2-3% of the total cost. And then add another 5% to the value of your home. Seriously, no brainer.

What about your time?

I also often wondered why so many projects last, seems like, forever. And I have learnt through the years, it always comes down to the time and engagement. How much time do you have to look through million Pinterest images to choose the right one to then explain to your builder what you are after. How much time do you have to go to shops looking for that perfect sofa or sideboard? Have you even at this point decided on your lighting , plugs and sockets? How many carpenters do you need to meet up with just to come up with final drawings for your build-ins?

I suspect if you are reading this, you are a busy professional and time is precious. Us, designers, will take on project management, procurement and sourcing and on top of that will also manage your budget. We will search long and hard to find that perfect piece that fits like a glove and makes the room complete.

We will also ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and further delays, just because the plug sockets or light switches were put miles away from where your TV is going to be. You have dreamt of having a butler sink in the kitchen island, but the floor has already been laid and the plumbing is missing. Auch!

The entire process of decorating and renovating can be daunting and overwhelming. Minimize the stress and let professionals take care of it. Sometimes an hour of our time can be enough to spot the bottlenecks and give you an easy solutions.

So, what are you going to do next?

Hire an interior designer! I’m just a phone call away.

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