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Spruce up your home for Spring

Do you change your home décor seasonally?

If so, this is a perfect read for you and if you have never considered it before, have a cuppa and see what you make out of below 😉

Before I jump on describing my top tips, there is one important factor you should know about when thinking of any changes to your home. It’s called emotions.

Our home, the space we live in, evoke emotions in us. Every item of your home, being piece of furniture to a plant or small photo frame, carries an emotional charge with it and also is a ball of energy. Hence it is so vital to refresh your home every so often and give that energy a shake. How, you ask?

Simplest thing you can do is to reposition, move things around and also declutter. Have you ever heard about Marie Kondo? ‘If it doesn’t sparkle joy, you should get rid of it’. Look around and see what you have accumulated over recent months, what is gathering dust and looking glum, what is there only because it’s been sitting there for ages and you even stop noticing it. Tidy it up, reconnect emotionally with it or get rid. It is that simple. And I promise you, you will look at your home with this new loving eyes.

Now, you have a blank canvas to start again and inject new vibes.

Firstly, change your cushions and throws. The easiest thing (and best for limited storage) is to change your cushions covers – from velvety, rich to lighter in colours, flowery patterns, linen or silky finishes. Similarly, your throws and blankets can go into softer colours and textures.

Let’s look at your lighting, zoning and also create shading. There is so much more natural light coming in now, days are longer and we can uplift and brighter our spaces with a change of shades. Coordinate (does not mean exact match) to your colour palette you have chosen with your cushions and throws and your home will be instantly revived.

With the next step, look at your walls. Yes, I do know of people who change their wall colours per each season. No, I’m not asking you to follow that. However, do you have any artwork on display? Reuse your frames, but change your images / posters to something that brings freshness and vitality. It may just be brighter skies, flowers, blooming trees, holiday vibes etc. Within your gallery wall, just even a couple of those, it is not necessary to do it all. Be playful, be creative and put a smile on your face.

Lastly, fresh flowers, brunches and twigs. I love both, fresh flowers and artificial ones. You can get fantastic artificial bouquets that you can reuse year after year or simply add / remove stems that are more seasonal and keep the rest of it all year long. Similarly, all twigs and little brunches can bring that new feel too. When I think of spring, I think magnolia, I think goat willow, or birch. You can additionally decorate it for Easter holidays with eggs, moss and bunnies. Beautiful fresh display.

So, what are you going to do next?

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