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IKEA Best Buys 2021

Ikea is like marmite – you either love it or hate it. There is nothing in between.

Even though you may not feel great about it, there is no way though of denying its value. You can literally furnish your entire house in one place, in a very affordable way. Yes, some stuff are maybe less of a great quality, nevertheless there are thousands of items in there that will allow you to create a fantastic space, be versatile and look million dollars.

Ikea is affordable design and, in many cases, it actually is good design. Us, designers, love Ikea. I promise you, when carefully curated and styled, or hacked, Ikea pieces will add style and dimension to any space. Let me guide you through it.

#Farlov family

I’m in love with these sofas as well as armchairs. It’s versatile, it comes in 4 beautiful colours, has removable and washable covers (perfect for busy living rooms/ family rooms / snugs etc). Comes in many sizes too and can transform into sofa bed as well. Even Lydia Millen has couple of those in her lounge.

I honestly highly recommend Ikea’s sofas and armchair for affordable solutions and longevity. Some series have been around for at at least 10 years and Ikea refreshes them by releasing new fabrics and covers. Particularly in busy households, this is a godsend and also for any interiors lovers that like a bit of change every so often this is a brilliant and sustainable solution.

Image: #lydiamillenhome

#Billy Series

Whoever has not heard about Billy bookcases, then they have never been to Ikea! Simple as that.

Billy bookcases are extremely versatile, can be used in different rooms and serve so many purposes. Treat them as a bookcase, display cabinet, kids wardrobe. Make them customised slightly and they will easily stand for high end build ins. Again, they come in so many finishes, height and door options, that suit any décor. I particularly like oak veneer which adds warmth and is very Studio #McGee style. For #scandi vibe, use recently released white stained oak veneer. Stylish and understated.

Image: Joanna Avento

#Stockholme Bench

It’s a fairly new addition to Ikea TV units family and it’s a breath of fresh air.

I know we all love #Besta series and #Hemnes, but this is a step up. It’s finished in a beautifully warm walnut veneer and again, can be a seamless additional to many different style of décor. Style it wisely and you have a piece that look like high end and compare to #West Elm mid century vibe.

Image #Ikea


Ikea is a must go place for storage and organisation. Their baskets are fantastic quality and so many to choose from. You can never go wrong with one and one can never have enough 😉

Baskets are great for endless storage but also you can put plants in them, use them for extra cushions and throws in your lounge, books and magazines and obviously kids toys. I just love how versatile they are, the selection Ikea offers and the sustainability of them. My absolute favourites are #Snidad and #Asunden. If you are interested in seeing some hacks on Snidad, pop onto #mrs_macs_home Instagram account and see how she transformed it into a coffee table. Just wow!

Image: #mrs_macs_home

Image #Ikea

#Tallbyn Series

This is a genius design.

It portrays modern curves, in opal white glass and chrome its simply timeless. I would love seeing it in brass too, as it would just take it into a very high end look, however this is easy to hack 😉

It fits so many spaces and benefit various design style – imagine those above your kitchen island, dining table, hallways, bedroom – American country farmhouse / boho / mid century and contemporary - the list is endless. And it’s a steal with the prices on those. Grab one next time you visit Ikea 😉

Image #Ikea

#Ikea 365+

Last but not least, this is a fun and beautiful series, promotes sustainable living and what I love the most is that all those products are being used in a million ways. To name the few, obviously food storage, tableware and cooking but they can easily replace a plant pot, a flower vase, serving dishes, styling accessories etc.

I’m particularly obsessed with #storage jars and #containers. These are pure gold when comes to styling but practicality of them is beyond – they display food, store it, save for microwaves and ovens – and when furnishing small kitchens, it’s important. And here is one more tip – when you are a #landlord or holiday #homeowner – you can replace any broken and/or missing items so you don’t compromise on the overall feel of your let. Genius, right?

Image #Ikea

Hope you enjoyed this little read and will have loads of fun when visiting Ikea next time. I remember the days when I had to drag my husband to come with me and with time he learnt to love our little trips. Kids treat it as a great adventure and explore it all. And, a nice break halfway trough the shop to scoff some meatballs always does the trick.

What's your Ikea favourite buys?

Pop your comments in a chat below :)

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