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Bedroom Decor

Let’s talk all bedroom decor.

We are all tackling a lot these days, a lot around us is changing and our homes are adapting to working from home, having kids around much more than usual and having that special space, where we can truly relax and put everything else behind, is truly important.

Ask yourself - Is my bedroom a calming, tranquil space? Does it make me feel relaxed as soon as I walk through the door. What is it that I wish to change? How do I feel when I’m getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening when I look around the room?

Here I have captured main points to consider when renovating or redecorating your bedroom to create your serene space, when you can retrieve after long day.

* size up and scale up

Think how big or small the room is, what it needs to accommodate, what do you want to see when you enter the room, what is your window positioned and how much light is coming through. Once you know the musts and wants for the space, you can start playing with the furniture placement.

* layout

Drawing your room on a piece of paper or if you are a bit more techy you can use one of the free design programmes, is crucial when thinking about the room and its layout. Scale your room and your furniture to see how this can flow. Also it is much easier to play around with it on paper rather than moving heavy bed or wardrobes around. Or even worse, purchasing a bed that does not fit in.

* decide on one feature you wish to stand out

Did you fell in love with that bed? Are you aiming for a feature wall? Have you got a beautiful piece of art that you want to look at every morning when you open your eyes?

Decide on ONE thing that you wish to design your room around and then let everything else complement it. This trick will allow you to create a cohesive room and for the room to feel accomplished.

We tend to like many things, it doesn’t mean though, we have to have it all in one space.

*choose your colours

Think what is the colour that makes you feel comfy and soft and hugs you. You ay be surprised only to find out it is different to the colours you have chosen for other parts of your house. Bedrooms should be a reflection of our souls, that is where we are rested.

Get samples first and try them on different walls in the room to see how the light goes through them through the day, particularly the most exposed walls. Don’t be afraid to make bolder statement if that what you really want. Then run this colour through your accessorise, bedding and soft furnishing.

* size your furniture

As a rule of thumb, the smaller the space is, the bigger the furniture should be. Obviously, still in proportion to the size of the room, but more of smaller pieces will make your space looks crammed. Think twice and plan before you buy 😊

Decide on all the pieces you wish to have and then see what your room can accommodate, what is a non-negotiable items and what is a want and what is an extra nice to haves. Then work your layouts and sizing 😊

* storage

Our bedrooms work hard. This is possibly the most demanding and tricky part of designing the bedroom, unless you are the lucky one with walk in wardrobe 😊

So we need to learn how to work its space hard, utilizing every inch but still making it feeling spacious, light and airy.

Build in wardrobes, ottoman beds, baskets and trunks - all will contribute to resolving your storage requirements, however they still need to contribute to aesthetics of the room.

* soft furnishing

Sometimes, our bed will take more than half of the room, hence it is crucial to get our textiles right. Do you want a carpet? Do your have any allergies / pets etc to consider? Maybe wooden floors will be a better option with a lovely placement of fluffy rug. How does it tie in with your window dressing, bed throw and decorative cushions. Think wisely about layering it out, complimentary patterns and textures. It is a science on its own.

* don't forget your windows

Simple as that. Measure up, see the proportion of the window opening versus the room size and all other walls. How much light is coming through? How convenient it is to get through to your window, height etc. Invest in great fabrics and mechanism, i.e. if a roman blinds is your preferred choice. Do you want to keep it minimal with shutters or would you want to add to interest and textures and opt for voiles and heavy curtains?

* bed linens

Invest in great quality bedding. All I’m going to say is that if your bed looks tatty and messy, no matter how much effort you put into the entire design and scheme, the overall look will be affected.

* plants recommended

I love plants and they are always a huge factor when I plan any space. It is proven that there are several types of plant and greenery that will enhance the quality of your sleep, oxygenate the room and purify the air. Do some research. Additionally, pots and plant stands are a great way of adding interest, colour and texture to your space.

Now, let's think about your bedroom. What would you like to change / adapt in your bedroom? Is it lacking that elevated feel and look?

Let me help you and let’s discuss your plans. Sometimes even small changes make big impact so don’t wait and book your appointment today.

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